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The Hilser-Jaccard Clock company is located in the Black Forest, Germany's traditional clock region. In recent years it has developed an extensive range of clocks and has established itself as a specialist in the technology of high quality solid metal clocks, with more than 190 years of experience in clock manufacturing backing up Hilser-Jaccard's design and quality.   Some years ago Hilser acquired Jaccard, an internationally recognised brand founded in 1919 by the Swiss clock-specialist Achilles Jaccard. In 1925 his sons Ernest and Francis Jaccard succeeded him and established a factory for the production of small mechanical travel alarm clocks in Villers-Le-Lac in the Jura mountains. The Jaccard brand has gone on to achieve a global reputation and is a synonym for an elegant combination of quality and design.
Jaccard Alarm Clocks
Jaccard Alarm Clocks
Perfect for the traveler, or just to have around the house. Thease clocks are manufactured in Germany, so you know you're buying quality.

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